Why did Plane Crash in Nepal | Yeti Airline Plane Crashed In Pokhra Nepal

Case Study

In tragic accident of Yeti Airlines in Pokhara, Nepal, So far the bodies of 68 people have been found.

According to a report published in Wikipedia, none of the 68 passengers and 4 crew members aboard the aircraft could be saved.

Where this accident has spread a wave of mourning in Nepal and all over the world, the questions have also started of how such a terrible accident could happen.

Was there a technical fault with the plane? Or was it due to bad weather? 

The correct answers to all these questions will be known only after the official report comes. 

But some important facts related to the accident are coming out from the statements of the eyewitnesses and the pictures and videos coming in the media, which may be related to the probable causes of the accident.  

First of all we try to understand the geographical location of New Pokhara International Airport.  

Pokhara has two airports, one is the old Pokhara Domestic Airport and the other is the new Pokhara International Airport.

As we can also see in the map that both the airports are located at a distance of about 3 km from each other. 

The new Pokhara International Airport has just been started last week on 1 January 2023. 

So it is also very important that due to being a new airport, the pilots may not be well aware of the condition of the airport. 

This plane of Yeti airline was to land at the new Pokhara International Airport.

One of the most important point that is coming in media is that when the plane was just 24 km away from the runway, the captain decided to change the runway & landing direction.  Why the captain took this decision and whether this decision has anything to do with the accident will be known only after the completion of the investigation.  

According to the information, there are two runways at the new Pokhara International Airport.

The first is runway 30, on which planes land from the eastern side. Initially, the Yeti airline plane was supposed to land on this runway from the east. The second is runway 12, on which planes land from the south direction. And shortly before landing, the captain decided to land on this runway.

As we explained, runway 12 is used to land from the south direction; the pilots turned the aircraft towards the south direction to land on runway 12. According to the map, this runway comes towards the old Pokhara domestic airport. 

And while turning for landing on runway 12, the plane crashes between the old Pokhara Domestic Airport and the new Pokhara International Airport.

According to some pictures and videos coming in the social media, at the time of landing crash, the nose of the plane was above normal and its speed was also low. Due to which the plane probably came into stall position.

Stall position is that situation in which the plane couldn’t get enough lift to fly and it falls on the ground like a stone.

But whether Yeti airline’s plane crashed due to stall position, it will also be known only after the official report is released.

According to the report, the black box and voice data recorder of the plane have been recovered.

We hope that the preliminary report of this accident will come out soon.

We will keep you informed as soon as any official report about the accident is released.

This is a very difficult time for the families of those who lost their lives in this tragic accident and we request all of you to pray together that God gives strength and courage to the grieving families to overcome this heart-breaking shock.

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